Monday, September 26, 2016

Running up the stairs of the JR Kyoto Station Building

If you hear the name of the city “Kyoto”, what do you imagine?

A traditional city in Japan?  An old Japanese capital?

Yes.  I think so too!!

However, they have a unique and hard event at a huge modern building; Kyoto Station.

The name of the event is called  “Running up the stairs of the JR Kyoto Station Building”.

It is held on the third Saturday of February every year.

Participants run up 171 steps; 70 meters in length.

Anyone can participate in the race, but a team needs to have 4 people including one woman and the one who is over 45 years old.

Total time of 4 will be the time for the team.

If more than one team finish the race at the same time, those teams head to play-off; running up the stairs again.

It is tough game, but it is fun and good for your body.

Winning for the fifth time in a row gives the winner enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

Why don’t you like to participate in the unique event to get the prize?