Thursday, September 22, 2016

Let’s enjoy“Otsukimi”

What kind of festival do you have during autumn in your country?

In Japan, “Otsukimi” is the one to celebrate on September.

“Otsukimi” is a seasonal festival to enjoy the moon on the night of August 15th, on the Chinese calendar.

September 15th on the Gregorian calendar is the day of Otsukimi in 2016.

What is “Otsukimi”?

Otsukimi means “viewing the moon”.

It is said that the custom of the moon viewing came from China.

In Japan, people decorate with sliver grasses and offer rice dumplings to the moon in appreciation for the harvest of grains.

Why decorate with sliver grass?

The reason is why it is said that the grass can house a Shinto God and also acts as a charm against evil.

Then, why do they offer rice dumplings?

People offer rice dumplings because a white round rice dumpling mean “full moon bringing you good luck” and is believed to let everybody keep in good shape.

In fall, so many fruits and vegetables are sold in stores.

Why don’t we appreciate for the harvest of grains and enjoy this event??