Monday, September 12, 2016

Made in Japan Jeans – Momotaro Jeans

“Made in Japan” products are known as high quality products in the world, but do you know there is a “Made in Japan Jeans?”

You might have never heard about “Made in Japan jeans”, but it has been quite popular among jeans fans.

“Momotaro Jeans is one of them and the most popular brand as a made in Japan jeans,

The denim has created by Rampuya; an indigo dying company in Okayama, since 1992.

The company decided to use the name of “Momotaro” on its product because the name of a poplar hero of Japanese folklore originated from Oakayama Prefecture, where “Made in Japan Jeans” was created at first.

Based on the company’s belief; “make innovative products to posterity”, “Momotaro Jeans” has produced and has gain popularity more and more.

The jeans are made with Zimbabwean cottons; the world’s greatest cotton; using its high level dying technique. 

As the company takes a great deal pride in its products, all of Momotaro Jeans has 10 year-garantees.

Once you try it on, you definitely become an addict on the brand jeans.

Would you like to try it on?