Monday, June 6, 2016

Eat Natto for your health!

A “Natto” is the Japanese fermented food which let a soybean ferment by Bacillus natto.

Traditional natto is made by wrapping the steamed soybeans in a straw of the rice, it keeps warm to around 40 degrees for one day, and then, Bacillus natto attaching to rice straw shifts to a soybean and is multiplied.

The usual natto is put into the pack of the Styrofoam now.

The natto is the health food that vitamin K for making a blood clotting factor and Protein of soybeans are included, and the dietary fiber is included in the richness such as 4.9-7.6 grams in 100 grams.

The natto is not only eaten on rice together, but also is used for miso soup, spaghetti and bread.

It is good taste of natto bread with melted cheese.

Do you try to eat the natto?