Thursday, June 23, 2016

Walking and eating at Tsukiji!

Do you know the Tsukiji market in Tokyo?

The Tsukiji market was established in the wholesale market of public facilities in Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo in 1935.

The size of the market is approximately 23 hectares.

Auction is carried out in this by 7 wholesalers and approximately 1,000 relation wholesalers (about 820 relation wholesalers related to beat fisheries), and the scale is Japan, the world's largest.

Auction is done in the Tsukiji market called “Jyonai” and there are many stores called “Jyogai” that means outside of Tukiji market around the Tsukiji market.

There are many sushi bars and shops of omelets, a lot of fresh, delicious things including fishery products.

Many buyers and visitors/tourists visit to “Jyogai” market to buy and eat many kinds of food.

Therefore, Tukiji is very crowded and does well every day,

In November, 2016, Toyosu market is going to open, and the Tsukiji market is almost dismantled for the same period, but the over-the-counter market seems to be continued.

It is the pleasant place that can eat various delicious things.