Saturday, May 9, 2015

What effects does Aojiru(Green vegetable drink) have on the body?

Aojiru is a squeezed green vegetable juice and recognized as a health food.
In most cases, Aojiru is found in powder form. It was too bitter to drink and not many people like it  in the past but improved a lot recently and Aojiru is one of the most popular health foods

 Do you know what effects does Aojiru have on the body? Actually there are a lot of good effects!!! If you drink Aojiru, it may help you relieve constipation, suppress cholesterol, prevent a blood clot from forming, improve poor circulation, heal your tiredness and promote anti-aging.

Especially women drink Aojiru for the purpose of improving health and keeping beauty.
If you haven’t tried Aojiru yet, Just give it a try!

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