Monday, May 11, 2015

Have you used the Imabari towel?

Ehime prefecture is one of the biggest towel production areas and the Imabari towel is especially well-known product in Ehime. The combination of traditional manufacturing technology and newest technology makes it possible to produce comfy and high quality towels.
The most outstanding characteristic of the Imabari towel is its water absorbability. Usually when you buy a new towel, you wash it before using it for better water absorbability, don’t you? However, you do not need to wash Imabari towels which already have excellent water absorbability.

Also, Imabari towels’ colors do not fade even though you wash it many times so you can use it for a long time unlike some other brands.

Imabari towels are a bit expensive compared to other brands but it is worth it and highly recommended!!!!

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