Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Don’t you think food replicas look like real foods?

Food replicas are displayed at restaurants or cafes and these are made from plastics or materials which do not go off. Actually, these food replicas were first developed in the Taisho period through the early Showa period.
In the early stage, food replicas were created by pouring wax into a mold of each food. After this process, color was applied on the surface. Each process was carried out by hand.

Recently you can buy these food replicas at souvenir shops and it is getting popular among foreign tourists to buy them as a souvenir.
These food replicas are very useful for foreign tourists who cannot read or speak Japanese. Haven’t you had any problems to read the menu at restaurants in Japan?
If the menu is written in Japanese with a lot of Kanji, it may be difficult for foreign tourists to read it and choose meals. Just imagine, if food replicas are displayed at restaurants or cafes……. Don’t you think it is easy to choose a meal?

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