Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Menbei – popular cookies from Hakata

Menbei is a famous and popular cookie from Hakata (in Hukuoka). The base taste of menbei is seasoned cod roe. And other flavors such as octopus and squid are added. I would say menbei’s taste is like “salty, sweet, and little spicy.” They are just delicious. Menbei goes with green tea or beer.

Menbei has varieties. For example, mayonnaise, onion, hot, scallion, and chocolate flavors. I tried and liked everything, but I actually love a normal taste.

Now people in Japan order menbei online which is nice. My friend in Tokyo often order menbei to keep some his house. He always says, “I just can’t stop to eat menbei!!”

Do you want to try menbei?