Friday, January 30, 2015

Another story of Valentine’s Day

This is a continuance of yesterday’s subject: Valentine’s Day in Japan for young boys.

Most of husbands and boyfriends expect to be given chocolate from their wife/girlfriend on a Valentine’s Day. Well, how about boys? The boys here means, I would say, around junior high school ages or even younger than that.

Many boys get anxious as a Valentine’s Day gets closer. Day by day, they become so kind to girls. Why? Because we (boys) want chocolates from a girl/girls!

On a Valentine’s Day, anxiously, boys open own locker or look at the inside of own desk to see if there is a chocolate (chocolates). It’s funny. But they are serious.

Of course it’s wonderful if boys get a chocolate from a girl who they are interested in. But, you know, to get chocolates from girls just makes boys happy.

This story is based on my experience…so long time ago. But I think today’s boys are same.