Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Kite-flier of the Japanese traditional play and Large Kite Festival

A kite is a toy that is pulled by a thread and raised lift, and flied in the air and is known as play for New Year holidays in Japan.

It is made on a paper, cloth, or vinyl on the frameworks such as a tree or the bamboo by fixing a curve and the form with a string.

By the way, a festival to fry a large kite is held in each place of Japan. In one of them, at Kasukabe-shi of Saitama prefecture, a festival to fry a large kite is held on May every year. 

It is said that a priest in the Edo era conveyed that a kite-flier could be told the good harvest of the cocoon, when he visited near Kasukabe area. And then, kite flying festival had been held before the crop of the cocoon there.

Currently, a kite size has become larger and the large kite is fried by several hundred as a celebration of neighboring boy birth now in the Boy's Festival in May in the old calendar.