Thursday, September 24, 2015

Too cute to eat! Japanese “chigiri-pan” trend creates 3D character bread

Three-dimensional character bread, called chigiri-pan( chigiri means breaking into small pieces), is currently trending on Japanese Instagram. At the moment, chigiri-pan is also booming in the recipe searching site “Cookpad”.

These upright, fluffy loaves are handcrafted by artistic bakers and their shapes are some popular characters such as Disney, Ghibli and Moomins.

Different colours are achieved by mixing of variety of coloured powders into the dough, including cocoa, green tea powder etc.

It must take more than a little trial and error to perfect making chigiri-pan, but the finished product sure is fun to look at, but too cute to eat!

Why don’t you try to make some chigiri-pan for yourself?