Monday, January 25, 2016

Let’s try to make Miso!

Miso of which is used for miso soup and other Japanese food is prepared for making in cold winter in Japan.

The miso has been left as it is for ten months or more, and then it becomes the delicious miso and can be eaten.

Miso soup, the miso pickles or other miso food to make with the handmade miso are delicious and the best.

The materials made with miso are soybeans, malted rice, and salt. 

On the day before made with miso, soybeans are washed well and touched in the water for all night (more than 18 hours). 

On the next day, the soybeans are boiled and the boiled soybeans are squeezed and mixed with malted rice and salt.

The mixed materials are put into the barrel and the barrel is stocked in the cold stock place or room into for ten months or more.

The delicious miso is the completion later.

Furthermore, our hands become smooth by kneading materials when making the miso.

We also recommend you for your beauty.