Monday, July 4, 2016

Beautiful wisteria

Do you know wisteria called “Fuji no hana”?

The flowers of wisteria become in full bloom in various parts of Japan in May from the middle of April.

In wisteria, there are clockwise twining (seeing from the top, clockwise) and two kinds of the oddball.

The vine coils itself around a tree and opens to the up, a crown.

It is a-related plant in a fine day to like the place where the direct rays of the sun shines.

The inflorescence hangs down for a long time and reaches 80cm from 20cm.

The flower is light purple, and the light purple color names come from this.

In the Kanto district, Ashikaga flower park in Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi is recommended.

There are Ofuji having the 600-mat wisteria trellis for 150 years old, a tunnel of Shirafuji of length 80m and, during approximately one month, can enjoy it.

It was praised from CNN in 2014 and seemed to be chosen as one of ten places of destinations of the world dreams alone in Japan.

Do you not come to see fantastic wisteria at Ashikaga flower park in a coming season?