Monday, July 11, 2016

A traditional Japanese playing card and competition Karuta (playing card)

“Hyakunin Issu” is the Japanese traditional playing card that hundred poets wrote the 31-syllable Japanese poem.

The playing card that Sadaie Fujiwara chose and collected is called as “Ogura Hyakunin Isshu” is the most famous and used widely.

The competition Karuta is a competition to perform in conformity with the rule that association of corporate judicial person all-Japan Karuta established using the hundred poems of a hundred poets.

Today's competition Karuta is performed regardless of sex from a primary schoolchild to an elderly person widely, and is called as "the martial art on the tatami mat" because it is an interpersonal competition last for long time, and is demanded from willpower, the physical strength than general imagination.

A Japanese girls' comic (publishing it serially from 2008) called ”Chihayafuru” which is drawn the youth of the girl devoted to competition Karuta and the TV animated cartoon which assumed it the original, the movie of the photograph taken on a spot have an influence on the fashion of the competition Karuta.

If you are interested in the competition Karuta, please read the comic.

You will be able to know it!.