Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy from Harajuku Tokyo - Pharrell Williams

Has become the anthem on behalf of this year, HAPPY Pharrell Williams. The booming video dance to HAPPY is made all over the world. The other day, PV, which is produced in Harajuku has become a hot topic but, artist group by "Digital Came-house", which was produced on the stage of Kansai and Kobe and Kyoto and Osaka has been published.

HAPPY Pharrell Williams are skipping the big hit all over the world.
Currently, it is in the PV boom to match this song in various cities of the world, dance is made.
Set in the Meiji Shrine and Takeshita-dori and Cat Street in Harajuku the other day,
It became the topic of a stylish person representing the Harajuku boutiques and representatives Shibuya mayor, shop clerk, such as model, to sumo wrestlers, PV many people dancing to the public.

But PV of HAPPY made in Japan could not be just this.
Version that was taken on the stage of the city in the Kansai region, such as Kobe and Osaka and Kyoto I was present.
Made by lab team called Digital Came-house, the video is here! !

It is shot in place to represent the Kansai and Kamogawa and Dotonbori.

Harajuku ver.
Fukushima ver.
Tokyo ver.
Osaka ver.
Kyoto ver.