Thursday, November 10, 2016

Modern Stylish new “Arita Porcelain”

Do you know “Arita porcelain”? 

The Arita porcelain is a generic term for porcelain burned in Arita-cho, Saga Prefecture. 

It is a hard and strong, in white porcelain with a transparent feeling, bright colors such as red, yellow, gold and indigo blue’s is given delicately. 

It has the history of 400 years and recently starts changing its own image as valuable, expensive art. 

Because of its conventional image, people tend to prevent from using the porcelain for daily use. 

However, don’t you think it should be brought into our ordinary mealtime? 

Recently, some of potteries and designers have started to create the Arita porcelain with a modern, stylish and different taste. 

The design is focused on the color, weight, and beauty; that is, how we easily can use. 

Also, the price is reasonable; some are from JPY500/each. 

Why don’t you try this new Arita porcelain? 

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